Author Topic: FrankenCube v0.1 Its ALIVE!!!  (Read 6680 times)


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Re: FrankenCube v0.1 Its ALIVE!!!
« Reply #90 on: August 06, 2016, 04:27:42 pm »
@spegelius, I don't know much about power supplies other than voltage. What else should I be looking for to make sure that it will able to run my hotend and an additionally heated bed?

After you help me figure out which power supply I need from ebay, I'll be adding it to my order of terminal crimps and ramps board.

I'm hoping to start on this project before the end of the month depending on when everything gets here from China.

Anything else you can thing of that I might need so everything can arrive on time? Anything I can to prepare while I'm waiting for the parts to come.

Thanks again for all you help. If we can get this up and running I will be so happy. Next I'll just have to get better at 3D Modeling.

So Excited to make this happen.