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Re: FrankenCube v0.1 Its ALIVE!!!
« Reply #90 on: July 20, 2016, 04:36:09 pm »
After looking through all 7 pages I haven't seen a complete list of components considering the different builds people have been using. Before I finalize my list and purchases I was hope to get some questions answered to help with my build. I already have a multimeter and a soldering iron hence why they aren't on the list but please feel free to make suggestions of things I have forgotten that you deem important.

I want to say thanks in advance for any and all help offered during this learning process.

Component Related Questions
  • Should I get getting a 12v power supply or stick with the original power supply?
  • Do I need separate power supplies for electronics and for the fans?
  • How many fans do I need and what should they be focused on cooling?
  • How have people over come the 20v limitation of the Mega? and is it still a relevant issue?
  • Is it more cost effective to use a converter over another power supply?
  • Should I upgrade the stepper drivers? If yes, to what?

  • I'm using 12V, simply because i have few old ATX PSUs around that work ok and other components are generally meant for 12V. RAMPS can also control when the PSU is on, although i haven't used that feature yet. Probably in future
  • I don't. But i'm using only one of Cube's original fans and that's 12V fan (the one blowing to the hotend, it has somekind of voltage regulator which I removed). You can use 24V fans @12V, they'll just run slower
  • I have 3 at the moment: one for RAMPS, one for hotend and one attached to the cooling duct i printed, to help with printing PLA
  • Don't think so, but not relevant to me as i'm using 12V anyways
  • Well buck converter costs less than 10 euro, ordered from ebay so yes if it can supply the power needed.
  • You mean upgrade A4988 to something like DRV8825? Don't know, apparently DRV8825 has more microsteps or something so maybe better accuracy... haven't tried them, though

Other Questions
  • I plan on get a hotend that works with more exotic filaments. Will this effect the power supply I purchase?
  • Does adding a heated platform effect my power supply?
  • What software do you use with you frakenCube and why? Paid or Free?
  • What are the settings you recommend for the printer?
  • Which custom firmware is currently being recommended?
  • @Spegelius, Did you use the cube to print with Filaflex or another printer? If Cube, what was your settings?

  • Usually no, but i guess this depends on the heating element on the hotend... I think they usually are similar regards the power requirements
  • Yes, you need ~10-20 amps more power, depending on the heating element. I ordered this few days ago: and now i need aluminum plate. That 180W means it'll draw 15A from 12V so PSU needs to be able to provide that + hotend amps (3-5 I think)
  • Simplify3D (paid), monstly because of the support configurability. Slic3r works fine too, but as you can't manually control supports or support parameters, some models don't work well with it. Also Simplify3D supports are easier to remove IMO
  • Hmm that's a wide question. I'll post my Simplify3D settings later in more detail
  • I'm using Marlin and it's working fine. Also that's the only firmware i've tried, Repetier would be interesting alternative to try at some point
  • Yes, Cube, when it was more in it's original form. Very slow (10mm/s max speed) but it worked. I haven't had time to try with current setup, but the Airtrippers extruder will be a problem with flexibles and i'm going to print different extruder

My Draft Theoretical BOM List
  • 1x Mega 2560 Adruino Board
  • 4x Stepper Drivers A4988
  • 1x RAMPS 1.4
  • 1x Pack of 100 Dupont 2.55mm Wire Terminals
  • 1x Pack of 4 pin Dupont Termal Housing (You can cut these in half if you need to make 2 pin housings)
  • 1x v6 HotEnd
  • 1x AirTrippers Bowden Extruder (Any version - this is printable and will require a Nema 17 Motor. Make sure you print it BEFORE dismantling your Cube)
  • 1x Nema 17 high current Motor.  There are different types - get one that has high current - this is VERY important.  I got mine from Josh at Cultivate 3d in Australia
  • 1x Dupont Crimper (Not necessary, but makes the job much easier)
  • 1x 12v Power Supply [I'm not sure if this is what I want to use]
  • Zip ties

Good list, but i'd change these:
- with 12V supply some 12V fans might be needed
- Airtrippers extruder is only one option, thingiverse has many good extruders even for flexible materials. Like this:
- E3D V6 hotend (or any other hotend) replacing Cube's own will need some kind of attachment to the X arm, Dan's hackish way probably won't work with E3D V6 or J-HEAD that i'm using. I have one printable version that i've been using with JHead for months now, but i'm going to upgrade it to support E3D too sometime.
- some 4mm bowden tube in case the hotend doesn't have it in the package