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Any updates on the BOM?
« Reply #90 on: July 20, 2016, 02:56:20 pm »
After looking through all 7 pages I haven't seen a complete list of components considering the different builds people have been using. Before I finalize my list and purchases I was hope to get some questions answered to help with my build. I already have a multimeter and a soldering iron hence why they aren't on the list but please feel free to make suggestions of things I have forgotten that you deem important.

I want to say thanks in advance for any and all help offered during this learning process.

Component Related Questions
  • Should I get getting a 12v power supply or stick with the original power supply?
  • Do I need separate power supplies for electronics and for the fans?
  • How many fans do I need and what should they be focused on cooling?
  • How have people over come the 20v limitation of the Mega? and is it still a relevant issue?
  • Is it more cost effective to use a converter over another power supply?
  • Should I upgrade the stepper drivers? If yes, to what?

Other Questions
  • I plan on get a hotend that works with more exotic filaments. Will this effect the power supply I purchase?
  • Does adding a heated platform effect my power supply?
  • What software do you use with you frakenCube and why? Paid or Free?
  • What are the settings you recommend for the printer?
  • Which custom firmware is currently being recommended?
  • @Spegelius, Did you use the cube to print with Filaflex or another printer? If Cube, what was your settings?

My Draft Theoretical BOM List
  • 1x Mega 2560 Adruino Board
  • 4x Stepper Drivers A4988
  • 1x RAMPS 1.4
  • 1x Pack of 100 Dupont 2.55mm Wire Terminals
  • 1x Pack of 4 pin Dupont Termal Housing (You can cut these in half if you need to make 2 pin housings)
  • 1x v6 HotEnd
  • 1x AirTrippers Bowden Extruder (Any version - this is printable and will require a Nema 17 Motor. Make sure you print it BEFORE dismantling your Cube)
  • 1x Nema 17 high current Motor.  There are different types - get one that has high current - this is VERY important.  I got mine from Josh at Cultivate 3d in Australia
  • 1x Dupont Crimper (Not necessary, but makes the job much easier)
  • 1x 12v Power Supply [I'm not sure if this is what I want to use]
  • Zip ties