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Re: Crap hack. Bulk filament
« on: October 04, 2014, 11:02:56 am »
Hi Dan,
I really thank you for starting this forum. It is really hard to find online communities hatching out ideas and sharing information about 3d systems printers.  I am going to attempt the bulk filament option due to the high price of the cartridges.  So far i am satisfied with the cube2 3D's prints.  (I was excepting less from a consumer oriented 'high priced' entry level printer.)
My question is about the bulk PLA filament options.  Burcinpak posted using makerbot's PLA filament.  On other blogs i came across people using Octave filaments but the quality doesn't seem to be too good according to the reviews.  What are your findings using various bulk materials? What i would really try to avoid is a clogged print head.
Thank you.

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