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Re: FrankenCube v0.1 Its ALIVE!!!
« Reply #90 on: March 30, 2017, 02:34:38 am »
I Frankencubed mine as well, with excelent results. I used a dremmel to cut off the portion of the original board with the power/usb/fuse and used it in place to keep things looking nice. I did the same with the portion that had the USB port, as both had nice screw mounts to utilize for this.

I used every stock part, including extruder/hot-end, only replacing the control board with an MKS-BASE 1.0.

The fans had 12v regulators on them already, so running on the original 24v power supply was not a problem. Just make sure you observe and/or test the wires prior to powering them, or you'll blow up the regulators with reverse voltage. (I'll need to replace my cooling fan regulator because I did this.)

I set the stepper drivers with a multimeter on ground, and while touching the positive lead to the driver adjustment screw, I set them all to 2v (I think, I used an analogue multimeter, and I'm not sure if I was reading the scale properly), this made the motors run much quieter, and they don't get too hot.

I used Z-MAX since the limit switch is at the bottom, but MIN plug for both X and Y.

I'm currently using up the remainder of the spool of 1.6mm green it came with, but it will accept 1.75mm filament as well, you just have to remember to change the setting in your slicer.

The original screen is disabled currently and in place only for asthetics, but I plan on getting the 2.8 inch MKS-TFT and possibly the WiFi module, unless I find room for an Octo-Pi.  So far I enjoy that it still looks so clean.

Below you'll find my Marlin v1.1.0 RC8 Configuration.h, Slic3r config export, and CuraEngine config export. I've done a couple test prints with slicer, and a 'parts fit' test with cura, and the parts slid together whith little to no effort.

Edits for spelling and info aditions. Photos to come.
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