Author Topic: FrankenCube v0.1 Its ALIVE!!!  (Read 6677 times)


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Re: FrankenCube v0.1 Its ALIVE!!!
« Reply #75 on: June 18, 2016, 10:27:42 am »

 Thanks spegelius, I got my ramps to work with your marlin Rc..  But I have to ask you something, when I try to move my X axis to the Left going towards the end stop, Pronterface says endstops hit:  X:2.99   The X axis will move to Right no problem, but when I try to move it back to the endstop, it wont let me, is this normal?
Also when I hit Y+ the bed moves forward, but when I try Y- the bed wont go back to the endstop, is this normal??
 Can you tell me does the  X,axis  control the extruder  from left to right?, and the Y controls the print bed going forward and back?,  is this right?

Yes, X is left to right and Y is forward and back.

What is your X and Y position after homing them? When i had bed 0,0,0 position set to bed center (BED_CENTER_AT_0_0), X and Y where showing -71 on the LCD screen. Now that i've commented out BED_CENTER_AT_0_0, X and Y are 0 after homing.
My configuration are the same as in the marlin Rc you uploaded?  I figured you and I have the same printer, so there all configuration h setting would be all calibrated, but when I try to make my Extruder go left from the middle, the software says that my endstop is being triggered I guess, because it wont let me go left at all.  also my Y axis the print bed will move forward but wont go let me move it back towards the endstop..  any idea what I am doing wrong?