Author Topic: Crap hack. Bulk filament  (Read 42337 times)


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Re: Crap hack. Bulk filament
« on: April 15, 2014, 05:31:32 pm »
Thanks for the info. I have some questions though, appreciate if you can help.
What kind of generic PLA filament is necessary? I guess its diameter should be 1,75mm but should I care about melting point, do they differ by brand or is it common for all PLAs?
In between step 5 and 6 in your trick, when we remove the dummy cartridge do we press anything to continue printing, or does it continue itself after sometime.?
What is your firmware version? Is this applicable to new versions as well?

My firmware version is 2.07.  Basically the latest version.  The only difference between the various PLAs you need to worry about is spool size.  I use repraper 1kg spools.  (The short fat ones). I too am realatively new to using 3rd party spools.  One thing I have noticed with the repraper stuff I'm using is that it appears to extrude with bubbles in the extruded filament.  Also, I notice its not as smooth as the 3d systems filament.  It shouldn't be a problem though as long as you regularly clean your extruded nozzle with a long pin.  If anyone finds a close alternative to the 3d systems stuff, or has comments on the quality of any other brands, please let us know.

When you remove the dummy cartridge, the unit will start and continue to print, regardless of the absence of the cartridge and the fact you have initiated the first stage of the print cancelation.

I hope this helps.