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Ramps Upgrade to a gen 1 cube

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So I bit the bullet and ordered a knockoff RAMPS board and am going to try and upgrade the cube.
From what i'm reading I should be able to safely drive 16V through the system. (Hello old Notebook power adapters)
I will be starting this build over the next few days and will document it as I go. If there is anything in particular you would like to know please let me know and I'll try and document it as I go.

Wish me luck


$38.99      Ramps 1.4 Kit

So upon closer inspection of my ramps board turns out they used caps rated lower then i expected... Going to have to replace 6 caps to support a higher voltage as well as one of the polyfuses. I'm thinking about replacing it with a micro blade fuse.

I'll keep you all up to date as I carry on.

Sounds interesting, but I wouldnt bother unless a 12v laptop power supply is an issue.  I use this one for my Frankencube :

Let us know about the mod if you do decide to do it.


Actually I believe it was your posts that made me feel I needed to do this upgrade. You mentioned the standard hot end was not getting up to temp. Am I wrong?  Just to clarify all I am doing at this time is replacing the brains... hot end will come at a later date when i have a little cash to spend.


Finally had some time to tear this beast apart. Going to document the Cube connectors and what I believe they go do.

There are 3 different connectors all have a earth ground on them as well. All connectors are documented with the wires going down words  and the female connector facing away from you. Left to Right

10Pin Connector (Printer Bed)
1,2,3,4  Stepper Motor (Red, Blue, Black, Green)
5,6 Limit Switch (Grey White, Grey)
7,8 Bed Heating Element (White Black, White)
9,10 Thermistor  (Purple White, Purple

12Pin Connector (Z & Y Axis)
1,2,3,4 Z-Axis (Red White, Blue White, White Black, Green White)
5,6 Z-Axis Limit Switch (Orange White, Orange)
7,8,9,10 Y-Axis (Red, Blue, Black, Green)
11,12 Y-Axis Limit Switch (Brown White, Brown)

14 Pin Connector (Extruder)
1 (Black) Stepper
2 (Green) Stepper
3 (Not connected)
4 (Red White) Encoder
5 (Orange) Encoder
6 (Yellow) Fan
7 (White) Extruder Heater
8 (Brown) Encoder
9 (Purple) Thermistor
10 (Purple White) Thermistor
11 (Blue) Stepper
12 (Red) Stepper
13 (White Black) Extruder Heater
14 (Grey) Fan

Well now i know what each wire goes to now to try it at 12 volts (IE unmodified ramps board and see what we get)


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