Author Topic: Ramps Upgrade to a gen 1 cube  (Read 1191 times)


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Re: Ramps Upgrade to a gen 1 cube
« on: May 09, 2015, 11:25:38 pm »
Finally had some time to tear this beast apart. Going to document the Cube connectors and what I believe they go do.

There are 3 different connectors all have a earth ground on them as well. All connectors are documented with the wires going down words  and the female connector facing away from you. Left to Right

10Pin Connector (Printer Bed)
1,2,3,4  Stepper Motor (Red, Blue, Black, Green)
5,6 Limit Switch (Grey White, Grey)
7,8 Bed Heating Element (White Black, White)
9,10 Thermistor  (Purple White, Purple

12Pin Connector (Z & Y Axis)
1,2,3,4 Z-Axis (Red White, Blue White, White Black, Green White)
5,6 Z-Axis Limit Switch (Orange White, Orange)
7,8,9,10 Y-Axis (Red, Blue, Black, Green)
11,12 Y-Axis Limit Switch (Brown White, Brown)

14 Pin Connector (Extruder)
1 (Black) Stepper
2 (Green) Stepper
3 (Not connected)
4 (Red White) Encoder
5 (Orange) Encoder
6 (Yellow) Fan
7 (White) Extruder Heater
8 (Brown) Encoder
9 (Purple) Thermistor
10 (Purple White) Thermistor
11 (Blue) Stepper
12 (Red) Stepper
13 (White Black) Extruder Heater
14 (Grey) Fan

Well now i know what each wire goes to now to try it at 12 volts (IE unmodified ramps board and see what we get)