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Hack for Cube and CubeX printers

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The CUBE3DFREE device blocks the 3D printers Cube 1° & 2° gen & CubeX to write on the protection chips, allowing the use of any kind of filament, using the original or alternative softwares.    Also available heated beds for Cube 2 and CubeX

Friendly reminder to anyone reading this that you DO NOT need to buy a device for the Cube 3D to use generic filament. Just "abort" the print and leave the printer on that screen. You can remove the chipped cartridge and use whatever filament you want!  ;D

Hello i am a french teacher in electronic

I bought a card for my cubepro duo

The card dosn't work !!!

It is a shame and the seller said that i don't know how to use it

now i have a litige on paypal, don't buy this expensive sheet

You are a crimminal person, posting false information. There are more than 500 modules working worldwide ... probably you are someone related to 3DS .... be careful because I will report you to the authorities

i am not a criminal

i just INFORM that you are a thief

CUBE3DFREE dosn't work !!! Don(t buy this expensive item

For information i a a french électronic teacher, if someone want a evidence that is not a problem

Don't trust this personn


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