Author Topic: FrankenCube v0.1 Its ALIVE!!!  (Read 7016 times)


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Re: FrankenCube v0.1 Its ALIVE!!!
« Reply #60 on: June 16, 2016, 12:58:00 am »
I suspect that using Configuration.h from different version of Marlin probably wont work. But that depends on how much changes those versions have... Using the Verify function in the Arduino IDE should show if it's compatible, but that won't tell you if all needed values are there...

I got mine printing :). I used the Set offsets in Prepare-screen after manually moving the Z to proper position and now it prints on proper level. I used Pronterface to control the printer and sliced with Slic3r for now. Need to set up Simplify3d later.

I also changed the bed 0,0,0 coordinate from center of the bed to the default corner. Shouldn't matter as long as you configure the slicer sw to know where the origin is. If it's at the center, you need to set the 0-pos offset accordinly (70mm in the case of Cube).

Tuning the extrusion steps was relatively simple: detach bowden tube from the nozzle, ask to extrude 100mm of filament and the measure the actual length. In my case, with MK8 bolt, i needed to change default 80 to 147 and now it outputs almost exactly 100mm when asked.

I'll post the start and end g-codes i used this evening.

I had few problems after the first succesfull print:
- it seems that either Pronterface or Marlin has a bug: if you start Pronterface, use the manual movement controls to move Z and then start a print, Z always overshoots by ~1mm. So what you need to do is to start Pronterface, load the file and start printing right awa, don't touch the controls. I'm going to be printing from sdcard after i get things tuned so this is not a big bug, but caused some fustration yesterday  :D
- my laptop's battery died during the second print and the printer was just the waiting for commands. That's what you get for buying a gaming laptop ;).

General impression about the printer now: fast, fluid, more precise, less noise, mostly easier to use, more verstatile. As Dan said at page 1, don't think, just do it :). Best upgrade to this printer so far and i have done quite a lot of them.