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My FrankenCube
« Reply #30 on: September 12, 2015, 04:58:22 pm »
I have taken the plunge and replaced the electronics in my Cube3D 2nd Gen.
I have, however, made most all the changes reversible, so that I can revert back to the original design if required.

I am running 24v, and intend to use the original PSU. My plan is to use a Buck 24v voltage convertor to power the CPU.

For now, here's a picture of the current state of the unit.
Ramps is running on 24v. Mega is using 5v from USB, although I will use the Buck voltage convertor to supply the 5V when I am happy with the machine, and want to run it standalone.
Case fan is run from 24v and is on permanently.
Extruder fan is running off PWM (D10) (removed 7812 reg and set PWM to give about 13v) and is auto started when extruder is >50 degrees.
Bed cooling fans (the 3 at the rear) are also on PWM (D9).
Extruder is on D8, and can easily reach the required temperatures very quickly.

Most things work fine, although I have some issues to sort out.

1. The Y axis suffers from false endstop triggering when homing.
2. The Z axis seems to home a few millimetres above the natural rest of the plate, and crashes down when the steppers are disabled (on idle, for example).
3. I need to work out how to do those things that were automated for me with the cube standard hardware (load/unload filament, set nozzle/plate gap).

To complete the build, I need to make a blanking plate for the original LCD location; make a box for the new LCD; make a blanking plate for the rear of the unit (where the USB and power cables exit); and get a power socket compatible with the original PSU.
I may also have to tweak the software to get it to work exactly as I want (ex, item 2 above).

I have yet to try making something, but it will probably be some test objects.
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