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Re: Cura and Cube 2
« on: December 28, 2016, 07:54:22 am »
I got a question about the whole procedure, so here goes. I haven't used real Cube 2 for a while since converting to RAMPS (FrankenCube), but I think I remember how it goes. Note that this mainly meant for Windows due to need to run CodeX64.exe. Linux/OSX works, but you need to manually run the CodeX portion in some Windows environment

- the default profile is for ABS (temperature 260C). For PLA, lower this to 220C or so (Cube's actual nozzle temp is somewhat lower that what the settings is. On my Cube2 , 220 was actually 198-208 as the temperature fluctuated ~10C)
- Tune the flow with printing a hollow cube. There are instructions for this, but basically the cube should have ~0.5mm walls after print when the flow % is spot on. Some say that tuning is needed every time changing to different type/brand filament, but personally I did it only when switching from Cube filament to bulk and vice versa.