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Cube3 / CubePRO Filament Hack FIRMWARE is here!!!


Just in case any Cube3/Pro owners read this thread, the firmwares have been hacked to allow third party filament  8) ;D

This is our first release of the Cube Toolbox for Cube 3 and Cube Pro firmware.

With this tool you can extract, repack and of course patch the firmware.
By patching the firmware you can stop the counting process of the filament chip and thus use filament of your choice.

We do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage caused through use of our Cube Toolbox.

Working firmware version for the patcher are:

Cube 3: v1.14B

Cubepro: v2.00

Link to newest Version download:
Please contribute to our work and send us a donation.

Paypal Link: Pay Eychei Eychei using PayPal.Me

Thx goes to @Kiza which is one of the masterminds in this project, he is the software guy.
And @Geezer70 who helped out alot in the electronics part.

This Thread will also collect all the information and hacks for this printers.

Usage / Howto (For Cube3 and Windows users):

1. Download the CubeToolbox
(currently only for Windows)
2. Download Cube 3 1.14B *OFFICIAL* Firmware
3. Open Firmware in Cube Toolbox
4. Patch firmware
5. Copy patched firmware file to usb stick
6. Flash firmware by going to Settings -> Firmware screen (HowTo?)


Usage / Howto (For Cube3 and lazy/MAC users):

1. Download Cube 3 1.14B *PATCHED* firmware file
2. Unzip patched firmware file to usb stick
3. Flash firmware by going to Settings -> Firmware screen (HowTo?)

Patcher Release Notes:


- Removed MaterialCode verification (e.g. Print ABS files with PLA Cartridge) (Cube 3 only)
- Activated Telnet (Port 23) (no username / password needed) (Cube 3 only)


- First release!

Know Issues:

- Printer Cartridge has too be initialized first. This means that 100% Filament Cartridges will not work. This is due to by-passing the writing routine in the firmware.

Next Steps / Todo:

- Find the routine for material verification and patch it. Right now you can only use material which is also programmed in the chip. So if your .cube3 printfile is for ABS you can only use ABS-Filament. If you use PLA filament the extrusion tempereatures are too high and your nozzle will get damaged / clogged.

- Make a GUI for the Configuration XML files of the Cube Windows-Software to change extrusion temperatures and print speed.

- Generate a working config file for simplify3d for Cube 3 and Cubepro

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STL-Files for Cube Modification

Thanks to Cube_3 for this modification. With this you can change the tubing to the extruder and use the cartridge without the top casing.

3D Systems Cube 3 cartridge modification by Cube_3

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Paypal Link: Pay Eychei using PayPal.Me

More details here


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