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Cube 2 Not heating - Fan not working


After getting the mother of all Filament flow failures, I was forced to dismantle the printhead to remove the filament from the unit.  After removing the fan and letting it hang while running a few load cycles to try to free the jammed PLA, i noticed the printhead fan had stopped spinning.  After invetisgating further, I was very suprised to find the hotend had also stopped heating.  Further after restarting the system (as suggested by various others) I resorted to dismantling the rest of the system to identify the fault.  Turns out these units have a "no resetting" thermal cuttooff just above the hotend.  You'll find it attached with a cable tie. with a thick white wire coming from one end, the other wrapping around the hotend and eventually coiling around the nozzel.  Basically by removing the fan, I had caused the 77 degree thermal cutoff to blow.  Replacing this fixed my problem. 

I ended up removing this thermal cuttoff all together and just shorting the wires which led from either side.  The reason is that Im not confident I wont need to manually remove jammed filament again, and can see no easier way than removing the fan while doing so.  - Perhaps no a smart idea - I could potentially damage something or start a fire if the main fan fails while im out - but ill take that risk.  I may attach an easier to access resettable thermal cuttoff in the future just in case.

FYI - Before I figured this out, I contacted 3D systems for help with a detailed description of the problem and my diagnosis and test results with a Multimeter.  The response was basically "Oh no.  So sad.  please buy a new Printhead for $250USD".   Thanks heaps for all the (lack of) support 3D Systems   :o. 


This is what is happening with me!  I think i may be able to fix it then right?

Did you simply buy something like below and wire it in?

per your comment, i am going to go hoem and short these wires together.... lets see what happens.


Hmm I have tried this. shorted the two wires together, now when I try to get the print head heated up, the fan works for a few seconds then stops and the head does not get hot.



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