Author Topic: Crap hack. Bulk filament  (Read 31682 times)


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Re: Crap hack. Bulk filament
« Reply #15 on: November 12, 2014, 06:45:35 am »
Sf563 suggested Afine Premium. He has had good luck with it. I ll be testing that next...   I have been using MatterHacker (but not premium, premium is thicker) and i have only had pulley issues that i could adjust for.  Melting point is very similar to cube proprietary filament. Other blogs all suggested  MatterHacker Regular.  Also pretty cheap....  1 kilo for $ 33

Hmm not sure what PLA you guys are using, but I can use whatever filament I feel like.  One thing that is likely is that the chip you remove must be from a like filament, that is, if you remove the chip from a PLA cartridge, use PLA.  The chip seems to affect the temperature of the hotend among other things. 

I have tried numerous el cheapos from ebay, they all seem fine.  Im in Australia so providing an exact like is probably a waste of time for most.  Currently using this stuff though - works just fine.   Shipping nice and fast too.  Here the following day.

As per the issues everyone seems to be having, my guess is there's something else crap about these printers which is producing the varied results.