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Re: Crap hack. Bulk filament
« Reply #120 on: April 17, 2016, 01:21:28 pm »
Ok seems that i got most of the problems sorted out with the hot end. There does seem to be some fluctuation about the temperature depending how much filament is fed through it and Cube's motherboard can't adjust fast enough or something... well so far upping the temperature seems to be enough to fix that.
However, i had a bigger problem with filament jams inside the nozzle. As i removed to inner tube, i reasoned that the upper part of the tube was getting too hot and filament was getting too hot too early and without the tube, would melt just enough to cause a blockage. Well i went and attached a heatsink to the middle part of the nozzle and adjusted the cooling fan a bit. Results: no filament jams so far.

Printed this with bamboofill (6 hrs with current Slic3r settings):
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