Author Topic: Anyone tried Slic3r?  (Read 705 times)


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Re: Anyone tried Slic3r?
« on: April 07, 2016, 12:18:39 pm »
Got the flow working properly. I changed the script to read the actual extrusion length and calculate proper flow rate using it and head speed. Working nicely.

Pictures of some test prints here: in Testprints folder.

I took some comparison shots from Cura, Kisslicer 1.5b and Slic3r. I used Cube black ABS for and same temp for all prints (270 C). Temp was bit on the high side, so there's some extra challenge for the printer to handle oozing.

In the TortureTest obejct i had too little flow so perimeters have a gap, which is not good. In the Ctrl-V object i had it almost correct.

For me, Slic3r is currently the tool i use. Good balance of amount of options and automatic settings.
Kiss is good for most of the prints, but i've had some trouble with some objects and sometimes it's hard to get the settings correct.
Cura is also good, but there's some corner cases where it's actually unusable, like not generating supports for places where there is definitely need for them.