Author Topic: Alternative slicer to the cubes standard software  (Read 7099 times)


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Re: Alternative slicer to the cubes standard software
« on: January 09, 2015, 11:07:27 pm »
Thank you Corey for your input.  This is pretty much how far i have gotten too.  Codex is great to convert the cube file to bfb and gcode and changing the extruder temp.... but not much more without a proper slicer.  I have played around with kisslicer using cubex settings and Simplify3d then exported to gcode or bfb.  Added the header and encoded back to a cube file.  The prints come out crazy horrible.  :)
Flow control is somehow absolutely screwed up.  Have you made any progress on figuring  out the proper 2nd gen cube slicer settings? I am also working on it but somehow i have a feeling i am not not getting anywhere with it.